From chaos to balance

Our Story

Vyvebox grew out of our belief that “living well” is about more than just exercising and eating greens. We started out as busy city professionals who were telling ourselves that, by having a salad at lunch, or going for the occasional jog after work, we were doing enough to stay healthy and live well. We soon found that, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we were neglecting and forgetting so many elements of our wellness. After looking around us, it became clear we weren’t alone in this: our friends and colleagues were doing the same. Once this hit us, we left our city jobs and set-off on bringing about our vision — to help busy professionals reconnect with living well.


We take a holistic approach to wellness, so each month we send your staff a range of products from 5 key areas of wellness – along with practical tips & tasks – helping them achieve balance, and focus on the connection between mind, body & soul.

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Our Core Values


Greek philosopher, Plato, spoke against focusing on just one part of yourself: “for the part can never be well unless the whole is well”. Somewhere along the way, many of us have lost sight of this. At Vyvebox, we aim to empower your staff to see themselves as a whole (holistically); helping them to achieve higher levels of wellness.


We believe happiness lies at the confluence between pleasurable experiences, deeper relationships and generosity. We’ve also found that few things provide a lasting sense of happiness like giving. At Vyvebox, we carefully select shareable products and include activities to help nurture the relationships your staff have with their colleagues and loved ones.


We believe true wealth isn’t measured by how much ‘stuff’ we have; instead, it is measured by moments with loved ones, flourishing creatively and giving back to our community. At Vyvebox, we encourage this alternative take on prosperity by sending your staff products that speak to their minds, and practical tasks that offer purposeful reflections.


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